Learning Something New: Magyar Nyelv

At the start of 2021, I told myself that my year goal was to become conversational in Hungarian.

Selling my Apple Watch: A New Avenue to Scam Sellers on Facebook Marketplace

Recently I’ve been trying to sell some electronics on Facebook Marketplace.

Real World CTF: The Search for Missing Persons

Last month I stumbled upon Trace Labs, a nonprofit organization focused on using open source intelligence (OSINT) to find missing persons.

Achieving the Cadette Cybersecurity Badge: Teaching Girl Scouts about Cybersecurity

After attending WiCyS virtually, I was inspired by a presentation on how professionals can help inspire K-12 girls and minorities to learn about technology, especially cybersecurity.

My Journey into Security (So Far)

One thing that really resonates with me is how every person in Security has had a nonlinear, diverse path into the profession.

10 Steps to Improve your Online Security

Over the last several months, I’ve been adding to this list of security tips that I would give my mom, my friends, and others who ask me for some easy steps to protect themselves online.

Using Open Source Intelligence to Discover My Digital Footprint

As much as I’ve read about OSINT, or open source intelligence gathering, I’ve only done some research for various work projects.

Chegg Data Breach: A Case Study of Weaponizing Exposed Credentials

When a company has been breached or leaked credentials to their users’ accounts, the typical first step is to reset all their users’ passwords.

Workshops with Coder Chicks

Coder Chicks is a greater Orlando nonprofit organization focused on educating young girls on programming and computer science, particularly aimed at giving girls tools to do social good.